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Wednesday, Jul 28, 2021

BRADENTON — The City of Bradenton, like many of its municipal neighbors, is experiencing a shortage of CDL drivers. As a result, while it continues to recruit drivers, the city has to make temporary changes to part of its solid waste collection. You won’t lose any service, but the regularity of yard waste and recycling will change.


Garbage collection is our main priority and so that will continue on its normal schedule. But we don’t have enough drivers to consistently cover both yard waste and recycle collections every week.


That means we will switch to an every-other-week collection for yard waste and recycling - yard waste one week, recycling the following week, and then we’ll repeat that cycle. This change allows the Solid Waste Division to consolidate recycle & yard waste drivers into a single collection unit, which will minimize the impact of the current driver shortage.


Because we were already focusing on recycling collections this week, we will pick up yard waste next week. The general schedule in the short-term looks like this, using your

normal collection day. 


Based on the success of efforts to hire more CDL drivers, this temporary bi-weekly schedule will be re-evaluated on a weekly basis.

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