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Citrus Grove Estates is one of the oldest mobile home parks in Bradenton and a few years back the park started to show it's age.  Fortunately, our community has come together to turn back the hands of time.  Many of the resident's have invested time, money and sweat equity into their homes and the community and it's making a difference.  The Board of Directors of the HOA has committed to replace all of the old infrastructure over the next 10 years to continue the revitalization of our mobile home park.  Although our park does not have many amenities, sorry no pool, the lot fees are the lowest in the area.  If you have vision and want to be a part of building a community from the ground up, contact us now.

39 Oakwood

$500 obo

4 months rent free ($1,640 savings)

This 1949 mobile home is a distressed handyman's special.  It is going to needs someone with vision, finances and time to invest and restore it to either it's former glory or create your  own version of it's former self.  This lot has a new electric meter bank installed in 2020 and the water/sewer lines are due to be replaced in March of 2021.

20 Palmwood

$1,500 obo

2 months rent free ($820 savings)

This mobile home is a distressed handyman's special, the previous owner started work on the kitchen and bathroom but was unable to finish due to a personal emergency.  The mobile home is structurally sound but needs some TLC to bring it back to life.  Bedroom is small, however, enclosed lanai could be converted.



Not yet available, more information soon.



Not yet available, more information soon.

Available Empty Lots

Citrus Grove Estates is zoned as Mobile Home Only.  All Empty Lots have electric, water and sewer hookups.  Purchase a new mobile home, no RVs, and set it up on one of our empty lots.

39 Palmwood

27 Rosewood

23 Rosewood

39 Rosewood

5 Sherwood